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A video from us on how to brew green tea for a fresh cup of sunshine

70 degrees if you please! Don't scorch your leaves, make beautiful teas!Watch this video on how to brew green tea properly :)For so long I thought that green tea was awful, probably because I threw an old teabag in a cup and poured boiling water over it. It was bitter and horrible. I just thought to
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Why choose loose leaf tea?

CHOOSE LOOSE LEAF TEA FOR A PREMIUM TEA DRINKING EXPERIENCE.I, like many, used to use teabags regularly. For ease, portability and for simplicity. Although teabags are a wonderful invention (we can thank the Chinese of the Tang dynasty for that!), we can confuse 'ease' for 'best quality' when it com
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How do I brew green or white tea?

For years I thought I didn't like green tea. I wanted to like it. I saw others drinking it regularly. I read all about the benefits of green tea, but I just never enjoyed it. Why is green tea so bitter, I said to myself. I thought it was either an acquired taste, or it was just something you "p
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