Duchess of Bedford


Duchess of Bedford is bursting with warm, springtime flavours. A truly unique, smooth and creamy Ceylon tea blend, with delicate notes of citrus, rose and vanilla. Just perfect with scones and jam.

Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, is said to have created the ritual of Afternoon Tea after remarking how extraordinarily long the gap between luncheon and dinner seemed to be. To remedy this, the Duchess served tea, cake and sandwiches as an afternoon snack. She soon invited her friends and so the delight of Afternoon Tea was born.

100 grams

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Height 9.00
Weight 100.00 Grams
Depth 9.00


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My favourite tea of all time!!!

Duchess of Bedford is my favourite tea of all time!!! I could sniff it all day - it smells so divine!! And when I drink it...pure luxury! So creamy and yummy/like a warm hug!! It's my go-to tea that I offer to my friends when they visit.
Posted by Andrea, 24th Apr 2018

warm and comforting

This beautiful tea is so comforting. The perfect tea to sip in the afternoon or evening after a big day. I particularly the flavour of the vanilla - it almost feels like a hug.
Posted by Joanne Greenland, 26th Jun 2015