About us

Hi, my name is Amy and I am the Director of High Tea with Harriet, a family-owned, artisan tea company, with a unique range of truly enticing teas to try. Do you love tea? Love the wonderful ritual of tea? Love how one little cup can warm your heart and brighten your day? So do we! 

My love of tea began early on with much-loved visits to my grandmother. She just loved tea and at her house, tea and biscuits were always part of the experience of getting together. She had a beautiful old tea caddy that sat on her kitchen shelf and housed her special tea of the day. I would always look at the caddy with longing as I knew it meant an afternoon of tea and bikkies and chats out in the sunshine. It was these special moments that made me want to create my own a range of teas that was really special - delicious, high quality teas in hand-designed, classically elegant packaging. The ritual of tea is such a lovely thing and creates moments to remember. 

Established in 2013, our company offers over 20 unique blends. All our teas are created by us, every grade of tea leaf has been tried and assesed, every ingredient carefully chosen, every flavour perfected to the highest possible quality and taste. Our teas are premium, our blends are totally unique and our flavours are delightfully mouth-watering. 

Harriet teas are ethically sourced from the world’s finest tea estates.

All our teas are available for Wholesale and Retail. 

For more information, contact Amy & Marcus on (03) 9005 1631 or email teatime@highteawithharriet